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Qubea Obija releases new ABS materials

On the morning of May 17, Chen Yufen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Guangdong Normal University of Technology, and four people came to visit and discuss with us. General Manager Li Yiqi, Deputy General Manager and Technical Director Luo Yuxun, Deputy General Manager and Strategic Department Negative

He Jiandong, who was responsible for the visit, accompanied the two sides to negotiate and reached preliminary intentions for deepening school-enterprise cooperation. Huang Fujian, an entrepreneurship tutor for Chinese college students and a professor at the School of Management, Sun Yat-sen University, attended the conference.

At the fair, General Manager Li Yiqi, on behalf of Jiehe Company and all staff members, warmly welcomed the arrival of Deputy Secretary Chen Yufen and his delegation, and introduced in detail the development process of the company and the development ideas of school-enterprise close contact, deep integration, co-education of talents and joint development of new technologies.

Deputy Secretary Chen Yufen fully affirmed the technology and products of Jiehe Company and expressed his earnest expectation for the development of in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises.

At the same time, Deputy Secretary Chen Yufen introduced the construction of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Guangdong Normal University of Technology.

Exchange and Discussion on how to carry out cooperation between the two sides

After the meeting, Deputy Secretary Chen Yufen and his delegation, accompanied by deputy manager He Jiandong, visited the Jiehe Exhibition Hall.

He Jiandong, deputy manager, explained to Chen Yufen, deputy secretary and Director Liu Dawei the advantages of 3D printing gate core.

Professor Huang Fujian provides guidance for the direction of cooperation between Jiehe Company and Guangdong Normal University of Technology.

The two sides took a group photo as a souvenir

The talks enhanced mutual understanding between the two sides and clarified the direction of future cooperation.

Jiehe Company Exhibition Hall

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